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MedDataXtract act as an middle tier which extract or exchange data from the source system.

It adds Improved scalability, Enhanced re-usage, Improved data integrity through basic data validation at the middle tier and Enhanced security through data security on a service-by- service basis. The BenchMarkTool from MedDataXtract covers all your data comparison needs or you may choose to feed your own data, the flexibility is built-in.

These are some of the case studies from our BenchMark Tool.
Use Cases
Health domain: Comparison of Health Products
Using the comparison tool, one can see the variation in cost, of the DBC health products, which could be made available to the consumers, insurance companies, hospitals and government.
IOT & Factory domain: Identifying and Monitoring the Factory Damages
Using the comparison tool of BenchMarkData, one can setup a scheme to measure the damages to human, nature or the environment by recording the outcome of a measure or an analyte. This helps simplifying the entire monitoring process and provides analytical knowledge on the data for future improvements.
Diagnostic & Pharmaceutical domain: External & Internal Quality Assessment
BenchMark solutions to access the performance of Invitro-Diagnostic (IVD) products.

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